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I emigrated from South Africa and I’m married with adult children. I have experience with mental health, disability and parenting challenges, cancer, autism, and neurodiversity, stress burnout and ME/CFS.

I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Counselling. 

I’ve also completed studies in neurodiversity and trauma. Being a mature woman, I bring not only academic training, but also many years of life experience and my own journey of learning to my counselling practice.

Clients tell me I am compassionate, warm, calm, approachable, friendly, empathetic and trustworthy. 


My counselling approach is pluralistic with you, the client, at the centre, which encompasses Person-Centred Therapy (PCC), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focussed Brief Therapy (SFBT), Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

I uphold myself to the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association Code of Ethics of which I am a provisional member.


I work with clients 18 years and over. I have experience working with all kinds of people, including immigrants, refugee backgrounds, tertiary students, retirees and the neurodiverse. 


You have the choice of including my ‘canine assistant’ in sessions. She is a gentle and loving 9-year-old female Labradoodle. The presence of a loving dog can have a stabilising and calming effect, especially if you’re stressed. Animals can help you relax, minimise distress, and offer a sense of safety that puts you at ease. 

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